Head Over Heels

Geek girl is one of my favorite series ever! Okay I say that about most series, but you learn a lot in these books. Like : 1.It takes ten liters of water to make a single  A4 sheet of paper 2.There is a mushroom called Omphalotus olearious that gives of a glow that is so […]

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  OMG I FINISHED IT ALL OF THE EPISODES OF EVERY SEASON! Its been a long journey. I have made an EMOTIONAL attatchment to all the characters and wish I could meet them in real life! I CRIED AND I CRIED AND I CRIED I just can’t believe that its over! I am soooo happy […]



Time to do a review of this amazing book by Gabrielle Tozer !!! Josie Browning has finally landed herself a job at an internet magazine called Indi and is completely in love with her amazing boyfriend James… well that is she knows she loves him, but they haven’t actually done ‘it’ yet. Not the other “It”, but […]


These Broken stars

Word press was being weird and not saving my drafts of posts so I have made the smart decision to write everything on word and then copy into word press. Just thought you would like to know. I HAVE SURVIVED ONE WHOLE TERM OF HIGH SCHOOL! [PATS SELF ON BACK] ONLY 19 MORE TERMS OF […]

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